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Peel Off

Abstract: Peel Off vs Desquamation


  1. Alain TENENBAUM, M.D; Ph.D; D.Sc-Facial Plastic Surgeon   dr alain tenenbaum 200x200
  2. Mauro TIZIANI,Molecular Biologist.

What delegates will learn/take away from this presentation:

Delegates will learn (with cheap products) an alternative to superficial peels with desquamation.


Until nowadays the words peel as peeling were associated to a desquamation.

But the definition of peels is clear and the desquamation is not obligatory.

A chemical peel is a treatment technique used to

  • improve and smooth the facial and/or body skin’s texture
  • using a chemical solution that causes
  • the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off.
  • The regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.


Therefore a peel off can be proposed to any patient ( client) of any skin types in any seasons wishing an immediate effect ( after 30 minutes) without any desquamation causing a social eviction..

The advantages of the peel off  are interesting because of

  • the immediate effect ( just after 30 minutes) 
  • the absence of contra indications
  • the absence of desquamation
  • the absence of down time,
  • the absence of social eviction,
  • as the transitory rarissime complications which are limited  to short duration redness.
Patients’ selection
  • All patients who desire a clean smooth skin, less wrinkled, a shiny skin, or to remove the ,, black points,, are good candidates.
  • Our criters of exclusion :patients who need specific peels for their pathology.


  • Benefits and Advantages-Results
  • The effectiveness of this treatment increases with the number or the repetition of the procedures .
  • This treatment is used also for oily south asian skins as 3 times a day per 1 week with excellent results.
  • The physical parameters of the skin improve after 30 minutes
  • The smokers skin convert into a shiny smooth skin
  • The report/ratio benefit cost of the treatment is excellent as it is actually the cheapest peel of the world 


  •   Techniques -Procedures
  • The selection of the patients has been described above. 
  • The material to be used is the following: ,, 30 minutes peel off,,
  • No needs to degrease the skin or take off the make up or clean the skin before the treatment.
  • It is mostly used on face and hands ( dorsal and ventral )


  • Conclusions

The 30 minutes peel off is not only a treatment but a ,, service,, offered to clients of any clinic waiting for another treatment and making the patients really happy.
Until now no complications has been reported.




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