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Fake Products,Dangerous Copies & Complications

Abstract: Fake Products,Dangerous Copies & Complications


  1. Alain TENENBAUM, M.D; Ph.D; D.Sc-Facial Plastic Surgeon   dr alain tenenbaum 200x200
  2. Mauro TIZIANI,Molecular Biologist.

What delegates will learn/take away from this presentation:

Delegates will learn about the fake products and dangerous illegal copies , the different causes as the consequences generated by not honest influencers, as the fake news hiding the terrible side effects and so on...


Unfortunately medical doctors having studied more or less 10 years are still looking for cheaper copies , which are sold illegally on the market as if they had  the same qualities and advantages as original manufactured products . The copies dealers and their ,, key speakers,, are always hiding the irreversible side effects to grow a wider financial mergin. Physicians especially in the field of aesthetic medicine are following corrupted and unethical influencers so called ,,key speakers,, traveling worldwide just in commercial congresses which dont take care about intellectual property as ethics.



Physicians especially in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology are easily influenced by unethical ,, key speakers,, working with honest as unhonest companies or by ,, Professors,, without chair or teaching in fake universities without patients and/or without students .

The physicians should control 
- if the company selling products ( fake ones) exists really and if it is for ex a ,, Swiss,, company as many claim to be.
- who has the intellectual property of a technique, to avoid a law suit for collaboration with criminals , which could lead to the cancellation of their medical license.
- if the influencers or so called ,, key speakers,, have true titles ( Prof, University of .. . Specialist in ... ) and how much are they paid to advertise a product and diffuse fake news about original manufactured products.
- know their right to use products in off label ways as indications.( many influencers paid by concurrents will interprete off label uses in their own way to destroy a concurrent product).
-if the congresses are just commercial or scientific or both.
-how to detect fake news 
-investigate about the true and false side effects of an original product vs false copies ...
- should be cautious with the contents of their websites or social medias which could infringe intellectual property , especially when using copies .




  • Conclusions

Original manufactured products are made in industrial pharmacies which own machines costing many times millions of € or $ !
Also such industrial pharmacies are submitted to many controls of quality of their equipment as for any product they are manufacturing.
Compound pharmacies cant do products of same quality as industrial ones . Also they have no rights to produce or export ,, magistral preparations,, in large quantity infringing intellectual as industrial property.
Any physician should be cautious with the contents on their website, social medias or publications which are infringing the intellectual property.