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None or Minimally Invasive Procedures for a Perfect Masculinity of the Body by A.TENENBAUM & M.TIZIANI

History, Evolution and Fashion
vitaly face and body
overweight in 1870

1870s: In the late 19th century, being overweight was a sign of wealth, since it suggested one had the means to feast.

1930 hollywood actors

1930s: By this time, excess weight started to get associated with lower classes. Hollywood actors — who had to be fairly fit to look good on camera — started to represent a new ideal

late 1960 male body

1960s: By the late '60s, a counter-cultural wave had begun to reject the look associated with the corporate mainstream.

rock stars 1960s

Rock stars with long hair and skinny bodies started to represent the ideal.

1980s gym built men

1980s: In the '80s, a more hyper-masculine, gym-built form started to gain popularity.

1980 action star

Bodybuilding went mainstream and action stars rocked huge muscles.


1990s: By the '90s, hyper-masculinity went back out of style, and the everyman came in.

blue collar men

A more blue-collar, working man's look — one that didn't require pumping iron — became the look men tried to cultivate.

endopeel cocreator Mauro Tiziani

The ideal now is still relatively similar to that of the '90s — lean yet muscular.

Not only young sporty men look for a perfect masculinity of the body

  • Male Bodybuilder
    You are seeking the look of a professional, competitive bodybuilder. You desire more definition. You display areas of deficiency that don’t respond to exercise. You were not born a mesomorph. You respect your body.
  • Male Actor
    You are a male actor. You are working towards an acting career- You need sharper features for stronger roles. You need to be competitive. Your career holds you to a higher standard.
  • Athletic Dad
    You are an athletic dad because You love your family. You deserve to help yourself now. You spend more time with your kids than at the gym. You choose “shirts” now when you play “shirts vs. skins”. You don’t get a second look anymore.
  • Boardroom Executive
    You Are At The Top Of Your Game And Your Body Should Be Too. You need to compete with the younger additions. Your assistant says you look tired. You want a new lease on your love life. You deserve it.

To be qualified as minimally invasive procedures, which criters are necessary to fullfill

no pain
no surgery
no hospital

What will male patients look for before taking a decision

no risk
immediate results


A perfect masculinity of the Body begins with good projected and well shaped pectorals. Non Invasive Procedures to achieve good results are : -Soft Tissue Fillers but they lead mostly to complications as all fillers with big volume like migration, necrosis,granulomas, fistulas,infections and the price is high.Soft Tissue Fillers are hypervolumetric and the added weight isnt the best solution anyway. -Endopeel Techniques are the best solution as they reshaped on demand the pectorals without adding volume creating too a lifting and a great projection chosen by the physician and the patient, according to the fashion.Such results can be bestens seen if the patient wear a small fit white T shirt with a high proportion of elastane.
six packs endopeel

Six Packs

A perfect masculinity of the Body has to take in account well defined as good projected six packs.There are 2 methods which retain our attention : - the abdominal etching lipoplasty technique which is the only technique in case of extra peritoneal fat , using the fat of the patient to create the 6 packs but this technique is invasive. - the endopeel techniques which cannot be applied in case of fatty patients but which are the only good ones in case of already muscular patients or skinny patients.


biceps projection
Increasing the biceps projection is mostly requested by young males to proove their masculinity through this muscle. A male shows how strong he is to others showing his biceps at contraction. Increasing volume with different fillers have led to disasters which ended with an amputation ( paraffine, synthol,hydroxybenzene, oils...). Using anabolisants is not a good option as it adds water to the muscle and leads at long time to a dysharmony and hormonal imbalance. Finally the best option is to use Endopeel Techniques which increase the projection of the biceps without adding volume, in a very harmonic way and which can be used for sporty men as skinny ones.

Trapezes and Shoulders

trapezes and shoulders
When aging begins to affect sporty men, from 40 years old, the trapezes begin to fall down . There is then no other option than to lift and reshape them in an isovolumetric way using the endopeel techniques , which need to be done each 6 months as maintenance .

Absence of Love Handles

love handles
Love handles begin to appear from 30 years old because the adipocytes increase in quantity and volume and the muscle below them is very thin. The only way to remove the love handles is invasive using lipoplasty. But in case of small love handles ( at the difference of life buoys), and to get an immediate result for a very short time, endopeel techniques can be applied.In such case the adipocytes remain in quantity( endopeel is not lipolytic) but will follow the directions of the reshaped muscle , which will hide the love handles. Such effect is called a ,, cinderella effect,,and help the males to show their masculinity for a short time. Endopeel is not the right indication but it helps for immediate results in a very short time.


male endopeel gluteoplasty
Instead of using fillers to add volume to the butts, we have preferred to use a 3D isovolumetric repositioning of the muscles , by tightening the butts, lifting them and projecting them.The isovoumetric projection of the butts is logic at the difference of adding volume with fillers, regarding the laws of the gravitation in Physics ( adding volume lead to more weight which has tendence to fall down) . Also fillers in big volume have been forbidden in many countries like France because of serious complications like migration, fistulas,infections,necrosis and others. Some oils especially seen as fake products produced in Argentina (hidroxibenceno) and/or China as Korea have led to complete necrosis of the butts accompanied with septicemia leading to opatients death in maximum 2 weeks. Also fat injections are dangerous because of complications found in the medical literature as fat embols leading also to death. Finally the unique technique without complications is Endopeel.


Women have more body fat than men, which means their limbs have a different shape. Women also have a different bone structure, particularly around their hips. This means male thighs and female thighs differ in size, shape and general structure, all of which are genetically determined and very difficult to change through your lifestyle. Masculine and feminine thighs are also different because of the male capacity to develop greater muscle mass. Men put on more muscle than women do. So, if a man and a woman have similar body fat, the man will still have larger thighs with clearer muscle definition because he is able to put on more muscle than his female counterpart. Even if the definition is the same due to the same amount of body fat, the man will still have physically larger thighs. Any flaccidity of the thighs dued to muscular laxity can be treated with Endopeel techniques , giving then a younger attractive appearance which can play a role in the masculinity of the inner thighs.


calf endopeel
Calf enlargement is often considered by patients whose calves are excessively narrow (often described as “stork legs”) due to insufficient muscular mass. Fillers are dangerous as the calves are areas with poor perfusion. Hyaluronic acid does not have tissue specificity and has minimal risk for allergic reactions when injected. However, the degree of complications increases when large volumes are injected. The complications are divided as early or late: • Early complications are resolved in days to weeks after injection and include overcorrection, local infection, skin necrosis, herpes reactivation, discoloration, and persistent local symptoms (erythema, edema, induration, pruritus, and hyperpigmentation) • Late complications include: infection, filler migration, delayed hypersensitivity reaction, foreign-body granuloma, and scarring. That s why we prefer actually the endopeel techniques which are isovolumetric and have no incidence with the poor perfusion to project the calves .


Penis enlargement has always been since long time a criter of masculinity for the body . Surgical techniques , invasive ones have demonstrated their efficacity . Non surgical techniques like pills,creams,and stretching devices are not really effective or are really limited like traction devices. Vacuum devices to treat impotence, or erectile dysfunction have no strong scientific evidence suggesting that they can increase penis size. Fillers have been used with many complications as granulomas, nodules and even necrosis. Negative feelings about penis size can inhibit a person's enjoyment. Most not surgical penis enlargement methods do not work, but counseling can help by building self-esteem and correcting distorted ideas related to body image.


Wrinkly balls are for many males not masculine and look old fashion. Botulinum toxin is used to reduce scrotum wrinkles,to allow testicles to hang down further, to makes testicles appear largerand to enhance sexual activity. The common name of such technique is called scrotox.


Among the non or minimum invasive non surgical methods to get a perfect masculinity of the body, Endopeel Techniques have got our preference for most body muscles and Botulinum Toxin is the best choice for the scrotum. Fillers lead to huge complications and their quantity make them dangerous with a high price. Threads have very limited indications with poor results. Mesotherapy is not helping at all. Machines are promising a lot with too many sessions, some c omplications and poor results . For Body Hair epilation, lasers have the best results with not so many sessions. Hormon therapy is not the ideal. Sports are of great help as a good diet.