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Endopeel & Regenerative Medicine-Project

The study consists to make on the anatomic pathology biopsies after endopeel alone ( can be done on mice and also on patients) the differences between what is related to apoptosis and what is related to necrosis (if it exists).

The goals are to demonstrate that

- we have more apoptosis than necrosis ( better if we have no signs of necrosis) on all anatomo pathologic studies

- in case of necrosis, that it s replaced after by a regenerative tissue

For that the study 2 colorations are used and  fluorescence microscopy may be needed.
The 2 colorations are :
- annexin 5
- iodure of propidium

why ?

Annexin 5  colours the phosphatidylserine

Iodure of Propidium colours the DNA

There are 2 processes of Apoptosis

Process 1 is called Blessing ( the apoptosis is without destruction of the skeleton)

Process 2 is called flipping ( the phosphatidylserine which is intra cellular will move to the surface of the cellular membrane)

Possible Results

- With Annexin 5 , there is a possibilty that apoptosis exist

- with the Iodure of Propidium, if coloured , there is presence of necrosis because it colours the DNA

It would be great to compare the dangerous copy called hidroxibenzeno ( phenol + filler) and the Endopeel . The most concentrated phenol gives positivity to the Annexin 5 and negativity with the Iodure of Propidium.

Also it would be interesting to study the retraction effects

To demonstrate it, we should have a deposit of collagen 1 ( cicatricial) . The histology has to be done after treatment . In case exist collagen 1, that means we get a retraction of the tissues .

Another  study is to check with Endopeel the stimulation of the stem cells.

We need to show that the repair of the tissues is wider than the destroy 

For ex in case of necrosis at the center of a tissue, could be ( for us positive) a stimulation of the stem cells surrounding the necrosis which means a regeneration of the muscular fibers.

For that we can also measure the free radicals or cellular mediators

If the concentration of the free radicals of oxygen are between for ex 0.1 and 0.5 mmol , the concentration of phenol would activate the stem cells

If the concentration of those free radicals of the oxygen is superior to 1 mmol, we would get an apoptosis 

About the slogan about Endopeel proponed by Gynecologists  ,, recovering the lost,, we may demonstrate it like the following :

- A necrosis is improving the capacity of contractility of the muscle which leads to a 

- scar , which leads to a volume which is bigger than the lost volume with increasing of the volume of the muscle !

The external  portion to the necrosis from 0.1 to 0,5 acts on the stem cells which will conpensate the lost fibers.