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Abstract carboxytherapy Dr Hana Zelenkova

Carboxytherapy – non-invasive method in dermatology, aesthetic dermatology and  some other  branches  of medicine

Zelenková, H.,
Private Clinic  of Dermatovenereology, Svidnik, Slovakia

The utilisation of carbon dioxide in medicine and balneotherapy has seen a long-year development. At the beginning the utilisation was purely empirical, but gradually a solid scientific basis was formed. Carboxytherapy – therapeutically applied carbon dioxide injections have been used in balneotherapy since 1932. In the last four  years however, this treatment modality has become the centre of attention as a unique method applicable in dermatology, aesthetic dermatology and anti-aging medicine. Many renowned clinics of aesthetic medicine promote this unique method as minimum invasive and non-aggressive, comfortable for the patient and producing excellent effects without the risk of undesired side effects. Nowadays, this method is very popular and used in various offices around the globe.  In aesthetic dermatology this method may be applied as a rejuvenation modality and is employed mainly due to its classic vasodilatation effect and its capacity to foster intradermal collagen restructuring. In classic dermatology it is used to treat patients with poor healing lower leg ulcers, in diabetic patients and in patients with poor healing surgical wounds. Carboxytherapy is efficient also in some psoriasis manifestations when combined with some other traditional approaches, in circumscript scleroderma, lichen verrucosus as well as hair loss. In aesthetic dermatology the effect is manifest quite soon (usually after two sessions already in the course of 7-14 days). It significantly and visibly improves the tonus of the skin as well as other aesthetic parameters (especially while treating skin laxity in abdomen area, inner arms and thighs, and double chin or saggy eyelids. Good effects also show following the application of carboxytherapy to treat stretch marks, cellulite, and scars (also older and more extensive scars after burns). Great effects are achieved in correcting the side effects of ill performed interventions such as liposuction, or in using carboxytherapy directly to shape problem body areas (thighs, hips and abdomen). The presentation demonstrated great therapeutic effects achieved in  aesthetic dermatology and alopecia totalis,  alopecia areata, keloids  and other  various diagnoses and combined methods with PRP