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Abstract Dr Ariel Luksenburg- english


Dr. Ariel Luksenburg (1), Dr. Juan Barcia (2), Dr. Alain Tenenbaum (3), Sr. Mauro Tiziani (4)

Cosmetic gynecology is a complex subspeciality that needs in deep knowledge of gynecology, anatomy, dermatology and plastic surgery to achieve the most effective results.

Different kinds of therapy could be used depending on the specific problem and patient concerns.

Our experince is mostly derived from the application of different therapeutic approaches to vulvovaginal disorders derived from ageing and post-partum complications.

The complex relationship of muscles, subcutaneous tissues, skin and mucosal lining of the vulvovaginal zone deserves special considerations to decide the appropiate therapy.

The usual pathologies are vaginal dryness, flacidity of the vulval and vagina structures, and reduced  hydration of the vulvar skin.

The use of Endopeel injections in muscles and deep subcutaneous tissues recover the tension and deformations when used in specific sites.

The use of PRP injections increase the elasticity and hydration of tissues, and when used in the vaginal mucosa a complete recover of lubrication is achieved.

Histopathology analysis of tissues after therapy showed increase of the proliferation of cells in vaginal mucosa. In connective tissues, vascular dilatation was observed with the concurrent increase in blood flow, in time new vessels are formed and synthesis of new elements of the extracellular matrix was stimulated. In deeper levels fibrosis of the endomysium produces shortening of the muscles that increase the tension in the hypodermis and dermis.

The subjective effects of the therapy were excellent in all patients.

No secondary effects were observed. Necrosis, infection, trombosis or systemic complications were absent in all patients.

In conclusion, the use of Endopeel injections are effective in the treatment of vaginal vulval rejuvenation. The synergistic effect of PRP enhances the results providing functional recovery of superficial tissues.