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Popular Male Aesthetics Treatments and New Options

Abstract : Popular Male Aesthetics Treatments and New Optionsdr-alain-tenenbaum-200x200.png

Authors : Alain Tenenbaum, MD.,PhD.,D.Sc-Facial Plastic Surgeon

                  Mauro Tiziani,Molecular Biologist

What delegates will learn /take away from this Presentation

Delegates will learn that with minimum material, low investment,with some techniques better than fillers, mesotherapy,apparatology, an alternative to surgery is proposed to reshape male facial contour and body , putting in evidence their masculine muscles or giving more appearance and more projection to the hidden muscles .

Movies presented in this presentation will show how easy techniques are.


Introduction :

Male Aesthetics Treatments are increasing exponentially not only for face but also for body in the last 5 years.

New options requested by these patients are the ones with these following criters :

  • Not surgical
  • Without downtime
  • With immediate effect
  • Scarless
  • Without or with reversible short duration side effects
  • With a reasonable price
  • With more indications and less contra-indications.

Endopeel techniques are among the new options.


None Procedures include volume augmentation or any paralysis.

The objectives are to get  isovolumetric 3D myoplasty ( reshaping the size, the projection and the tension of the chosen muscles for an aesthetic area) ,myopexy ( lifting of the chosen muscles if necessary) giving a more attractive masculine shape to the mandible contour, the pectorals, the abdominal wall and the biceps.

Butts, Pectorals, Mandible, Biceps are not same for each patient and are adapted to the fashion,to the wishes of each patient.


They are not standard as other methods , taking care about sporty males, photomodels,metrosexuals as fashion and ethnicity.

Most requested ones are these followings :

-Mandibular Contouring with attractive masculine angles and shape
-Immediate scarless not surgical buttock 3D reshaping with masculinity
-Immediate scarless not surgical 3D pectoroplasty ( Reshaping or Building with more Projection)
-Immediate scarless not surgical 3D abdominal six packs building or reshaping
-Immediate scarless not surgical 3D Biceps projection

Endopeel Techniques are used and can be resumed as isovolumetric 3D myoplasty and myopexy ,using a chemical patented formula by SC and IM injections,using vectors and tensors marked with analogy to visco elastic elastomers deformation.


All results can be seen after 15 minutes and have an average duration of 6 months.

Results are adapted to each patient, to the fashion ( especially for butts and pectorals) .

Results have to be seen not only on nude patients but through their clothes ( fashion ones) to look like sporty photomodels.

Results show mostly a lifting, tightening, and projecting effect with better skin quality.


Fillers are adding volume, which create more weight which make fall down much more a face, butts … if we follow the basic laws of the physics.

Fillers have also a short duration and have big costs, and large volume fillers lead to severe complications like fistulas, infections, necrosis …

Endopeel or Chemical Myoplasty and Myopexy is a new concept ,quick, easy to realize,not surgical,with immediate effect,with affordable prices, and taking care that each patient is different , following the fashion .