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SEO improvement in aesthetic medicine


Author : Alain TENENBAUM, M.D ;Ph.D ;D.Sc

              Facial Plastic Surgeon

             Ex Ass.Prof of Informatics

dr alain tenenbaum


There are actually many congresses as workshops proposing to learn or update new as already known techniques , to increase your arsenal for proposing more to your patients.

Also since social networks, chats have taken a big place in our daily life , patients do not speak between each other any more to recommend a physician. They just chat on line and some of them (increasing number) use the net to diffuse a bad reputation to their physician, even if legal ways do not condamn the practicioner.

What is forbidden in Europe

European Union as Switzerland have engaged too many burocrats ( bourreaux-crats in french) to find in physicians websites all so called by them „illegal“ datas, so that results are

  • a penal lawsuit against the physician
  • a fine from 50.000 €
  • the immediate closure of the website

It is forbidden :

  • to insert any commercial name of medical devices or medicines on your website
  • to insert pictures of patients before and after
  • to make a promotion of off label uses of a registered commercial product
  • in some countries to publish prices for some treatments

And you are also responsable of all contents with all links to other websites: this means that you should never make any links with commercial companies.

To avoid problems

You should put your website outside the EU or Switzerland by

  • choosing a domain which finishes by .com, .net, .info, .org for example
  • choosing a hosting outside EU and Switzerland, preferentially in USA (internet freedom)

In such case, the EU laws cannot apply anymore to your website

In China , Internet Freedom Restrictions are worse than in EU

  • facebook and google cannot be reached. Proxys can be used at own risks.
  • Baidu (the chinese „google“) selects in function of chinese laws the websites according to chinese laws to be referenced there.
  • Which links not to do

To increase your website in the SEO ( search engines optimization) correlated to your e-notoriety , never make links with websites

  • from authorities (acting always against you)
  • bad ranked in search engines (if there is no reciprocity)
  • commercial companies
  • so called „ethical label“ which are private and even less ethical than your own website!

Which links to do to increase your e notoriety and to push you up in SEO

Recommended are to make links with

  1. yellow pages where your name is inside
  2. scientific directories (high ranked) and without commercial links – with free registration and scientific societies with their members

Examples :

Which gathers a lot of directories for

  1. congresses and events
  • is   giving you too possibilty to insert your event as well, having too an App just reserved for I Phones, I Pads and Androids under the name COSMETIC EVENTS

4.specific techniques like for example in english in spanish

  1. facebook groups acting as forums just reserved for physicians as for example Endopeel Users and others like
    International Peelings Society Group 

Example with a directory :

Each directory or society offering a membership on line, has to own a well structured website, with a sitemap (submitting contents of the website to search engines like google, yahoo, yandex for russophones, baidu for chinese) and has to propose metadatas that you will fill and choose yourself.

Megadatas are the most important and are resumed with

  • a title: for example your name and your specialty (without any ponctuations or accents)
  • key words: from the most important one to the less important, separated by commas , expressing non general words and where there is less concurrence (actually not any more important)
  • a metadescription about you and your clinic, not repeating the content of the title, with maximum 3 lines making this attractive for your patients, which include key words

Once registered and accepted, you need to click again on your name, and click on all social networks proposed to increase in 1 minute the number of hits: facebook, google plus, linkedIn, twitter, pinterest and others like delicious, digg, stumbleupon,

Then you can go further going to your datas with your login and password, adding up to 5 pictures, 5 movies, 5 attachments (pdf, powerpoint ..), a music in mp3 as comments and ratings.

With such contents added , and clicking again on the logos of social networks like previously, you will multiply in 3 minutes by 5 times minimum your number of hits.

It is also highly recommended to check your URL by clicking on your name or title and eventually ask to the owner of the directory to change it like you wish: a bad URL without short and correct information will never help you to be high ranked or to get many hits.