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Managing social networks in aesthetic medicine

Abstract : Cómo manejarse en las principales redes sociales: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

                   How to manage social networks



Authors : Alain Tenenbaum, MD.,PhD.,D.Sc-Facial Plastic Surgeon

                  D.Sc,Ex Ass.Prof of Informatics

                  Webmaster with special competences in Apps and SEO



What delegates will learn /take away from this Presentation


  1. To choose the right social media in function of statistics for advertising
  2. To know how to prepare without mistakes
  • The web
  • The social media
  • The semi professional pictures
  • The microvideos
  • The SEO
  • The databases
  • The apps
  • The directories
  • The actualisacion
  1. To use Hootsuite instead of loosing time on Instagram,Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn,GooglePlus …
  2. To share own pictures and movies through a directory linked with most social medias , in a country where advertisement is restricted or forbidden in a legal way.


Introduction :

Social Networks like Instagram, Facebook, twitter,LinkedIn,GooglePlus and others are part nowadays of the aesthetic medicine MD information.

But they have to been used correctly and scientifically to be useful and harm no potential or existing patients.


This workshop will teach the basic tools to make good advertisements through social medias without mistakes, surrounding the restrictive local laws and knowing the black points as rules of social medias and local laws.


 -Sharing without efforts to all social medias we have with Hootsuite our pictures with comments and how to use hashtags .

- Using and creating specific hashtags


we have chosen

  • - Photoshop
  • - Hootsuite
  • - Directories
  • - SEO
  • - Facebook, Twitter,Instagram,LinkedIn
  • - Some movies




  1. Immediate effect in 1 second on all social medias at disposition
  2. Infiltration of foreign social media or groups through hashtags
  3. Impact of directory with social media
  4. Advantages to have apps which can be donwloaded from AppleStore or GooglePlay for I Pads, I Phones and Androids.



It s easier for a modern MD to share informations through colleagues and patients using apps, directories and specific social medias .

Such informations will be shared again from patients to other patients and from colleagues to the medical community.

It s a nice social network advertisement which needs in a non stop way to get news frequently.