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Abstract Diego Tomatis

Diego Tomatis, is an entrepreneur of the educational sector, related to aesthetics and professional cosmetology.

  • For more than 16 years, it has developed educational projects, courses, seminars and congresses

Currently, it is consulting, entities that wish to improve their educational offer, taking into account the current needs of the sector, providing advice to schools, institutions, ministries of education and government areas of several countries, who wish to regulate the activity of aesthetics And cosmetology

Belongs to international institutions and associations, Carrying forward and defending  the concept of responsible professionalization.

  • ALCE Latin American Association of Cosmetology and Aesthetics, based in Guatemala

Vice President

  • UIPE, International Union of Aesthetic Professionals, Honorary Member
  • ANPERD,  National Association of professionals of the aesthetics of the Dominican Republic, Honorary Member
  • SSSL, Sustainable Spa Society of Latin America, central headquarters, Mexico City, International Area Manager

                  In a strong belief that the sector of non-medical aesthetics must be professionalized in a responsible way, so that, in this way, you can work in an interdisciplinary way with other professionals in the sector

Author of the book, Beautician, the forgotten profession, material that explains and proposes in a concrete way, the need to professionalize aesthetics and cosmetology in Latin America, at the same time, regulate it

In the year 2016, he was President of the International Organizing Committee of the 1st Congress of Aesthetics, Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine CUBA 2016

He has presented his book in congresses and seminars in countries such as Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia and several cities. With the presentation   Responsible professionalization of aesthetics and cosmetology in Latin America