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Treatment for aged muscle structure of the lower third of the face

Title: TREATMENT FOR AGED MUSCLE STRUCTURE OF THE LOWER THIRD OF THE FACE  by chemical myoplasty and myopexy ( endopeel techniques) 



During the natural aging process of the human body, several organs and tissues undergo a large anabolic phase  and they soon develop into a catabolic phase, which is slower and irreversible

Muscular mass loses its volume and tone progressively, During the past 23 years, we have endeavored to understand the consequences of the different intrinsic and extrinsic processes that alter the harmony of the movements of the muscles of the lower third of the face.


Our proposal is to demonstrate that, by way of a selective intramuscular injection, of an oily patented solution containing a mixture of Carbolic Acid with Peanut Oil Acid using endopeel technology , it is possible to decrease the force of one or more muscles, that are working harder and in disharmony with the other muscles in the complex muscular system around the mouth.


We have acquired experience from more than 1000 clinical cases over the past 8 years. The majority of these patients were re-treated in the same muscles that were treated earlier. The average re-treatment period was 4-6 months, and usually, smaller doses of the patented oily solution were injected, due to the hyperfunction of the muscles movements being attenuated.  


We found that this treatment is very efficacious as long as there is a clear and precise evaluation of the above mentioned muscle system.