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CV Prof.Dr.José Patrocinio- 2 nd Ed

Jose Antonio Patrocinio, MD, PhD, CranioMaxiloFacial Surgeon

Full Professor and Chairman ENT at the Federal  University of Uberlandia

Dr. Patrocinio graduated and had his residency at the Federal University of Parana, in Curitiba. He had his Master and Doctoral at the Federal University of Sao Paulo. He has been ENT Professor at Federal University of Uberlandia since 1979 and Chief of the ENT Residence Program since 1982.

Dr. Patrocinio has focused his interest in FPS and he is founder of the Brazilian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

He has published extensively in medical literature and lectures nationally and internationally on FPS topics. He has taught and operated worldwide. Dr. Patrocinio has written many chapters relating to aspects of FPS. Director of many courses and congresses. He serves on the Editorial Board of JAMA FPS and Brazilian ENT Journal.

Past Vice-president of the Brazilian ENT Society, Past President of the Brazilian Rhinology and FPS Society, Founder and Past President of the Brazilian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, Founder Member of the Brazilian Society of Rhinoplasty, Founder and twice Past President of the Brazilian Middle-West ENT Society.

President of the IFFPSS(2018-2020)

He is the Course Director of International Rhinoplasty Course, one of the most attractive and practical courses in Brazil.

Private practice in his own Otoface Clinic at Santa Genoveva Hospital – Uberlândia- Brazil and also works at the UMC Hospital.